Keepin it REAL!

Monday, January 9

Still the one

Today i am back , bringin ya 4 dope tracks to make you bounce!King Just , Craig G , Kenny dope , Champaign & Big Poo and a a dope ninja turtles Arcade Game!Enjoy that shit!Let me know what you think about the tracks...

Kenny Dope - This anna

King Just - Warriors Drum

Craig G - Say What Ya Want

Champaign&Big Pooh - Still the one

Plus : Ninja Turtles Game

Saturday, January 7


Today i am blessin ya with a little old school special!4 classic tracks taken from Kid Capris album sampler "Old School Pt.3".Masters of Ceremonie"Cracked out" , Fearless Four"Rockin it" , Sugarhill Gangs "Eight Wonder" and Last but not least Grandmaster Flashs"THE MESSAGE"
Enjoy that shit!

Masters of Ceremonie - Cracked Out

Sugarhill Gang - Eight Wonder

Grandmaster Flash - The Message

Fearless Four - Rockin It

Friday, January 6


Newsflash:Dr Broom stopped his work for the Mighty Cowabunga Crew and started listening to techno!R.I.P.

Thursday, January 5

Keep on Rockin it!

SRy for the laaaate update but my internet fucked up about a week ago.As you can see i fixed it and i m back to bring mad flavour to ya ears!!New Stuff from Big C , Charizma , Kurious and a dope original flavour& jay z Wake Up show freestyle!Happy New Year!!!PEACE!!!

Big C - Look Alive

Charizma - Keep on rockin i

Kurious - Uptown Shit

Original Flavour and Jay Z Freestyle