Keepin it REAL!

Sunday, December 18

Soul Plan

Todays update brings ya an unreleased lord finesse track"Soul Plan",a masters of illusion video plus a little oldschool special!enjoy that shit!!!!PEACE!

Lord Finesse - Soul Plan

Masters of illusion - Were all over (video)

Back in the Days:

Doug E.Fresh/Slick Rick live from Lincoln Projects (Concert)

Extra T s - E.T. Boogie

Saturday, December 17

The Choice is yours!

I am back with 4 new tracks from black sheep , hard knocks , da youngstas and intelligent hoodlum!I think I like black sheep best but the others are mad dope as well...Pick your Favourite!

Black Sheep - The Choice is yours

Hard Knocks - Ghetto Love

Intelligent Hoodlum - Grand Groove Remix

Da Youngstas - Pass the mic (Pete Rock Remix)

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Thursday, December 15

Fuck Rapidshare

No more 60 seconds waiting and no more security words

All you mp3 bloggers out there try 1-Filehost


Outta Here!

Back on the block with some new material from Maestro Fresh Wes , Gangstarr , Percee P , Diamond D and Busy Bee!Enjoy!

Maestro Fresh Wes - Brown Sugar

Gangstarr - Code of the Streets Kenny Dope Remix

Diamond D - Outta Here

Percee P - Rematch in the patterson Projects feat.Lord Finesse

Plus:Busy Bee - Street Rap

Monday, December 12


Today I've upped a whole new album. Go for it

Charizma & Peanut butter wolf - Big Shots

Dope music, enjoy it!

Sunday, December 11

Kick A Dope Verse

New Stuff from Ed O.G. , Kool Keith , Peanut Butter Wolf and Seven Shawn. Plus: Atmosphere "God Loves Ugly" Full Album!

Seven Shawn - Easy Type Shit

The Cenobites - Kick A dope Verse feat. Bobbito

Ed O.G. & da bulldogs - less than zero

Peanut Butter Wolf - Chain Gang


Saturday, December 10


-Aiyyo, you betta flee hobbes, or get your head flown three blocks
L keep rapper’s hearts pumpin like reeboks
And every year I gain clout and my name sprouts
Some brothers’d still be large if the crack never came out
I got the wild style, always been a foul child
My guns go poom-poom, and yo’ guns go pow-pow
I’m known to have a hottie open, I keep the shottie smokin
Front and get half the bones in your body broken
And when it comes to gettin nookie I’m not a rookie
I got girls that make that chick toni braxton look like whoopie
I run with sturdy clicks I’m never hittin dirty chicks
Got thirty-five bodies, buddy don’t make it thirty-six
Step to this you’re good as gone, word is bond
I leave mics torn when I put it on-
Big L - Put it On

To me Big L was the greatest mc of all times and so i am blessing you with mp3 s of nearly everything he was involved in!!!Maybe you need to create an account to get the shit..but believe me its worth the work! PEACE


Friday, December 9

The Bridge

Cummin trough ya fuckin block with some sick new material!Please post comments!!!!!Tell us how ya like the tracks , the design and what you would do better!!!!We definetly need feedback!!!Drop Comments!!!!!COWABUNGA!

Mc Shan - The Bridge

Visoneers - The Funkbox

La Symphony - Broken Now

B.U.M.S - Wreck your Ears

plus: old school funk, hiphop & block party classics mix

Wednesday, December 7

More Flavour

Some more dopeness!4 excellent tracks plus a fresh video clip...

Masters of Illusion - Let me talk to You (Dj Dsl Remix)

Artifacts - Wrong side of da tracks

Mad Skillz - Doin Time in the Cypha

45 King - Put the Funk out there feat. kid Capri&Big Pooh


Monday, December 5

Pete Rock Finest

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - Get On The Mic

Das Efx - Jussumen (Pete Rock Remix)

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - Death Becomes You

Public Enemy - Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)

EPMD - Rampage (Pete Rock Remix)

Pete Rock - A Little Soul

Pete Rock & Cl Smoot - T.R.O.Y. (Vibes Remix)

Jeru The Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix) - wma file!

And For All Those who want to be a real ninja turtle, try this Ninja Mask Tutorial!


Sunday, December 4

Here come the lords!!!

Lord Jazz , Funkyman and Doitall also known as the lords of the underground bring ya the funk!!!!
I got all 3FULL ALBUMS for ya!!! so what?

Lords of the Underground - Here comes the Lords

Lords of the Underground - Keepers Of The Funk

Lords of the Underground - Resurrection

special:Lord Finesse @ Rocksteady Anniversary dissing Lords of the Underground

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Saturday, December 3

Wreck your Ears!

I am back with some mad flavour from Groove B Chill , Del , 3rd Eye Troopers , champ mc and a doooope mixtape by dj moneyshot!Love it!

Groove B Chill - Top of the hill

Champ Mc - Keep Shit on the Real (Pete Rock Remix)

3rd Eye Troopers - Reprezent feat.Nine&LordFinesse

Del tha Funky Homosapien - ahonetwo ahonetwo remix


Thursday, December 1

Cummin back with more flavour!!

Once again droop has come to bless ya with some mad flavour!Cowabungaaaaaaaaaaaa!

45 King - two-five feat. Wildchild

Akinyele - The Bomb

Joni Rewind feat.DiamondD. ,Lord Finesse, Jahai - Can t fuck with them

Showbiz and Ag - Fat Pockets Remix

Organized Konfusion feat. Oc - Fudge Pudge

Plus: Mixtape