Keepin it REAL!

Monday, November 28

Daily Operation

deliverin daily like newspaper...

Freestyle Fellowship - Sunshine Men

Yeshua da Poed - Shout

Nas - If I ruled the world (Frankenstein Remix)

Casual - I didn t mean to

Sunday, November 27

Waxmaster C in deep Concentration

Once again back are the incredible!Droop and Broom are already bringin ya back tha boom to the bap!

D&D Allstars - 1,2 Pass it

Charli Baltimore - Everybody wanna know

Freshco tha Flower - Planet Brooklyn

Lord Finesse - I keep the crowd listening (Dj Premier 2005 Remix)

VIDEO: Guru - Hood Dreamin

Saturday, November 26

I found a nice free album. Its not only Hiphop, but smooth music.

Manuva Bitflow

01. general elektriks - tu m'intrigues

02. sound direction - funkyside

03. epstein - sinpueblo

04. dave ghetto - hey young world pt2

05. med - nightlife

06. ramshock feat. rochus - in the zone

07. tumi - trade winds feat main flow

08. jurassic 5 - red hot

09. nextmen feat. ty - turn it up a little

10. koushik - be with

11. square presents - sweetremedy feat. hasannah

12. j davey - no more

13. mr. scruff - beyond

14. surra - you showed me the sun

15. szenario - switch crooked

And now some real turtle shit, if you want to:



D Nice - Call me D Nice

A.D.O.R - One for the trouble

KMD - What a nigga know

Eric B and Rakim -Let the Rhytm hit em (45 king remix)

The Brooming Broom Enters The Empire

Some random Shit for ya.

J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E - Big Trax

9th Wonder - Jazz Of Love Is Gone remix

Main Source - Fakin' The Funk

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Hoodz Come In Doozens Sd50 Remix

meow, dr.broom

Friday, November 25

Man of few words

Cowabungaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!Some Straight Shit for all the real heads out there!!!!
Homeliss Derelix - Fuck You

Troubleneck Brothers - Back to the Hip Hop

Sourface - Era of the Sourface

AK Skillz - Check the Flavour

Charizma and Peanut butter Wolf - Methods

Cru - Fresh,Wild& Bold