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Friday, June 2

Dangermouse Remixes and Originals

To be edited.

Audio Two - Top Billin' & The Dangermouse Remix

Damn this chillin'. Good old classic remixed.

This post will be edited in the days, so keep checkin it out.

Friday, March 31


Tuesday, March 28

One more day!

Sorry but I had no time to finish the design today (I've had a physics test).
But here as an excuse I've uploaded a classic Jazz track for all you waiting cowabungaaa maniacs.

Monday, March 27

We're Back!

It's been a long time without any posts.
But in the next days Droop and I will start up a new blog.
So update your bookmark and watch the site tomorow if you're out for fresh new tracks.

See ya.

Monday, January 9

Still the one

Today i am back , bringin ya 4 dope tracks to make you bounce!King Just , Craig G , Kenny dope , Champaign & Big Poo and a a dope ninja turtles Arcade Game!Enjoy that shit!Let me know what you think about the tracks...

Kenny Dope - This anna

King Just - Warriors Drum

Craig G - Say What Ya Want

Champaign&Big Pooh - Still the one

Plus : Ninja Turtles Game

Saturday, January 7


Today i am blessin ya with a little old school special!4 classic tracks taken from Kid Capris album sampler "Old School Pt.3".Masters of Ceremonie"Cracked out" , Fearless Four"Rockin it" , Sugarhill Gangs "Eight Wonder" and Last but not least Grandmaster Flashs"THE MESSAGE"
Enjoy that shit!

Masters of Ceremonie - Cracked Out

Sugarhill Gang - Eight Wonder

Grandmaster Flash - The Message

Fearless Four - Rockin It

Friday, January 6


Newsflash:Dr Broom stopped his work for the Mighty Cowabunga Crew and started listening to techno!R.I.P.